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The Water Problem in Cuba

The reason that more than 67% of the population (7,435,690 citizens) does not receive water in a stable manner today is the result of the abandonment of the maintenance of the water network for more than half a century while resources were invested in building more and more reservoirs for propaganda purposes. nvestments prioritize the provision of water to the tourist centers of GAESA’s oligarchic conglomerate and are not oriented to guarantee the right of accessing drinking water for the citizens.

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Cuba is collapsing, also dims down

Cuba’s energy challenges have no immediate solution. Cuba’s power generation infrastructure is obsolete, and in many cases, it is impractical to attempt its repair. It will take 6 to 8 years (some estimate ten) and a multi-million-dollar investment (approximately $10 billion) to rebuild the thermoelectric generation capacity. The only possible solution is to eliminate the state controlled (totalitarian) economy and move to a free market economy.

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Cuba 2024: challenges and opportunities

Today, the main challenge to change towards an open, democratic, and prosperous society based on the rule of law and a free market, is the need to reach a consensus among different social sectors and actors on a shared road map to transform the highly probable upcoming rebellions into a broad social movement aimed at displacing the power of the oligarchy.

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Cuba: GAESA’s plundering of Health Care Security

The Cuban oligarchy through its holding company GAESA not only arbitrarily appropriated no less than 69.8 billion dollars ($69,866,399,679) in a little more than a decade, belonging to the salaries of the doctors working in the international brigades, but by not reinvesting them in the public health system as the Cuban government had announced will be the case, it also robbed the nation of its right to enjoy comprehensive quality health security. That is what this research shows.

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Remittances: GAESA undermine the Cubans prosperity

If the sending of remittances to Cuba in these 30 years has demonstrated anything, it is the real financial potential of the exile community, in close economic alliance with Cuban residents in the island, to be able to quickly transform the country the day that basic freedoms are restored and respected in the island. In as few as three years the country could be a different one.

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