The Cuban armed forces should play a decisive role in the coming months in putting an end to the current mafia-totalitarian state controlled by the small oligarchic minority grouped around GAESA. In this endeavor, it is time to start thinking about their legitimate role in a democratic Cuba.

GAESA should be intervened, audited, its shareholders and officers investigated and its properties, resources, bank accounts and profits immediately put at the service of the urgent needs of the population.


To begin to analyze the abolition of militarism in our country it is essential to first determine what real dangers may loom over the nation in the future and how to prevent them. What real threat those dangers present to require the constitution of a deterrent force to prevent them and what kind of means, technology or organization are necessary to achieve that purpose.

In analyzing the real dangers against which the nation has to defend itself, we will avoid the worn-out Castro rhetoric that Cuba is armed to the teeth because the United States wants to take it over, something it only seriously considered when the USSR stationed nuclear missiles in its territory.

Let us begin with these two questions. If Cuba is today an island destroyed by a political system that has turned it into ruins, where its own inhabitants do not want to live and risk their lives to get rid of that madhouse, who would want to occupy it to take charge of 11 million mouths and a country in debt? Then, what would be the point of having armed forces with hundreds of tanks, armored transporters, missiles, anti-aircraft systems, airplanes, howitzers and cannons of all kinds?

The only answer to this irrefutable reality is that in a democratic society respectful of international law -not a spearhead of Russian interventionism- that white elephant standing on the side of the Plaza de la Revolución, known as MINFAR, would be nothing more than an unnecessary, inefficient and disproportionate organization that would represent an unsustainable burden for the nation.

Transforming the concept of national defense and abolishing the current organizational format of the army as it is currently instituted in Cuba is not an unattainable chimera, as has already been demonstrated in various ways in many countries as we saw initially. All that is needed is a serious and profound analysis of what are the real dangers that the nation may face in the future and how to defend itself against them.

The Strategic Mission of the Cuban military in the future will continue to be the defense of national sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the Cuban Nation within the framework of new democratic and constitutional principles. This mission can be summarized in three tasks:

  1. To defend national sovereignty, understood as the defense of the democratic system through which the sovereign will of the Cuban people will be expressed in the future through free and pluralistic elections.
    Protecting Cuba from the enemies of democracy and national sovereignty in this 21st century means being trained and duly equipped to face its enemies, which are autocratic forces, international organized crime and their activities (drug trafficking, money laundering, human and arms trafficking, direct or hybrid wars of aggression, and intelligence activities for the destabilization of the democratic order, among others).
  2. To support the government in the protection of the population and the national patrimony in case of natural disasters. This task was already being performed, but its efficiency decreased over time due to the specialized technological equipment required for these tasks.
  3. Submit at all times to the command of the civilian government.

In order to fulfill this third task of its mission, the FAR should be constituted as a Ministry of Defense. The direction of this ministry should be in charge of a civilian and its first task will be to discuss with the military commanders the best way to reorient its institutional missions, update its equipment according to the new missions to be fulfilled and educate its members that its central mission is the protection of national sovereignty understood as respect and protection of the democratic system in Cuba.

The Ministry of the Interior must also be transformed into a Ministry of the Interior that can fully fulfill its function of providing security within the framework of the most unrestricted respect for human rights.

The restructuring of both armed forces should include from the outset the purging of their ranks and making them available to the democratic authorities to be judged impartially by the mechanisms of justice and truth that may eventually be established for those officers, classes or soldiers who are accused of having been directly involved in crimes against humanity such as torture and the murder of unarmed civilians and others covered by international law.

Last but not least, in order to protect national sovereignty, it is also necessary to try to prevent today and ignore tomorrow those agreements that the illegitimate Cuban mafia oligarchy may enter into with private or governmental entities of other countries in which sovereign prerogatives were ceded regarding the control of any portion of the national territory or any other arbitrary decision that endangers the national solvency of future generations due to the signing of abusive debt agreements that will hinder economic recovery and cannot be paid for many decades.

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